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About the Soldier's Network

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Built by General Dynamics Mission Systems as part of the Army’s larger network, the Soldier’s Network is the future of tactical communications for America’s warfighters. Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T), the Soldier’s Network backbone, provides on-the-move voice, video and data communications for troops on the battlefield: anywhere and anytime. Rifleman and Manpack soldier radios improve mission effectiveness by connecting dismounted troops downrange. Together, for the first time in the history of military communications, commanders can coordinate and communicate on the move and troops on the ground can have their voices heard, their texts received, and their position location painted on a map, visible down to the squad level, making them more efficient in their combat missions.


Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Raymond Odierno. “Army Investment and Equipment Modernization: Maintaining the Decisive Edge” 8/7/13


  • Access to decades of nationwide wireless network infrastructure enabling unlimited GPS, voice, video, apps, chat and data anytime, anywhere
  • Access to broadband internet through PCs and mobile devices
  • Access to real-time, up to date information and maps on their phones
  • No installed cell towers
  • No internet, or even reliable electricity
  • No information on the go, info is static